Month Pillar - Destiny Chart

Month Pillar of your destiny chart denotes the month that you are born in and it also determine your season of birth (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).
The season of birth dictate your overall chart environment as well as the strength of your day master.
If you want to know which industry can you do well in your career, this is the pillar that you should look at. For the example in the attached picture, Ren water industry is the most influential field for him/her, followed by Jia wood industry. 
Ren water industry can be Shipping, Journalism, Flowing moving industry, etc. whereas for Jia wood industry, it can be Fashion and Clothing, Teaching & education, etc.

The month pillar also represent the following: 
1) Work environment
2) Business
3) Parents
4) Siblings
5) Age 17-35

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