Who is your Qi Men 10 Deities (Guardian of Destiny)?

Who is your Qi Men 10 Deities (Guardian of Destiny) ?
Each of you have your own Guardian of Destiny according to their time and date of birth. Each of the Guardian of Destiny has different strength and attributes. By assessing to them, you can make a command for your desire.

• The Chief 直符
• Surging Snake 騰蛇
• Great Moon 太陰
• Six Harmony 六合
• Grappling Hook 勾陳 (Yang Dun)
• White Tiger 白虎 (Yin Dun)
• Red Phoenix 朱雀 (Yang Dun)
• Black Tortoise 玄武 (Yin Dun)
• Nine Earth 九地
• Nine Heaven 九天


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